About Us

Rory WrixonI Found Freedom is a place where I (Rory Wrixon) can spend the time sharing what has been learnt over my 25 years in order to help others grow into their own freedoms.

Working a job 40 hours or more a week can be enjoyable if you love what you do and share passion. This is how i feel about SEO and I have been using my Search Engine Optimization Skills to really make a difference for Melbourne local business.

I want to help you reach the same status. Find something you love doing and go with it, make a living doing what you love. I have noticed that everyone worthy loves to help others grow and it is the best way to reach happiness and freedom. That is why i will cover SEO and share with you some great places in my City, Melbourne, where I have learnt little gold nuggets that have helped me say, I Found Freedom.

Please join me on the home page for great search engine optimization information.