5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas that will increase your homes value

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Creating the bathroom of your dreams by rebuilding or renovating your bathroom is something that crosses the minds of everyone at some stage in life.

For me, it was when I lived on a farm back in New Zealand. I was consistently working about dirty animals and coming back to a nice fresh bathroom was, weirdly, something that tickled my fancy at the time.

Renovate bathroom

If it’s your time in life for bathroom renovations then check out this list of:

The Top 10 Bathroom Renovation ideas in 2016

  1. Consider getting a bathroom contractor. Al through redoing your bathroom can be a costly venture when paying for professional bathroom renovators its still far cheaper than making a mistake, skipping some rules and regulations or blatantly forgetting the building codes. For the best results and a guarantee your not wasting money call your choice of bathroom renovation contractors to come and check out your ideas, designs and get some general advice for your bathroom makeover.
  2. Don’t Forget storage. In the shower, next to the bath and inside your vanity. There are lotions, creams, and powders that need to be stored throughout your bathroom and with more than one person the number of products can double and multiply quickly making finding room in your bathroom a nightmare and a war zone. Make life a little easier in the morning by creating space for storage built right into your bathroom.
  3. Think about usability. If you’re looking to raise the value of your home with your renovations, make sure to take into consideration the functionality of your bathroom. It’s great having something that stands out as a bathroom and draws attention but its more important to make sure it functions right making the user experience the dream and not just the way the bathroom looks.
  4. Replacing the Waterproofing. I’ve seen it all before. Growing up as a handy man’s son, I soon realized how many mistakes are made by people renovating with little to no experience. Watch in Block on TV doesn’t give you all the skills you need to design and create your bathroom for longevity and functionality. Waterproofing your bathroom should be the highest priority on your list. Using the right sealers, paints, plasters and no more gaps will help keep your bathroom water tight and the paint on the walls for longer.
  5. Let us See the Renovations. Lighting in a bathroom is crucial. No matter if your plucking your eyebrows, applying makeup or manscaping you need light. Getting some low-cost, high output LED lighting is an excellent way to get more light into your bathroom. Couple that with some beautiful windows to let in some natural light and your bathroom will look bigger and feel cleaner.

So there you have it. 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips that could save you hard earned money and time when renovating your bathroom or en suite.

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