Refurbishing That Old Driveway? Hire a Driveway Removal Contractor First

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excavation contractors removing driveway

The old images of drab uninviting concrete driveways are a thing of the past. There are many stylish and trendy driveways that can be seen everywhere nowadays. So it is your turn to remodel, resurface and have an entirely new concrete driveway that will enhance your property’s façade and be the envy of your neighbours. But first, consider hiring a driveway removal contractor to take away the old and unsightly one and prepare it for an exciting new look. You won’t spend a fortune on these ideas.

Concrete as a driveway material is an amazing substance. What starts out as a powdery material, turns into a rock-hard and solid substance that can last for a long period of time. And it all starts out with just a little water. Its only major handicap is that it comes in a uniformly boring colour – grey. But with some inspiration, a little color and stencilling, concrete can become an artist’s canvas through these 5 great suggestions:

5 Ideas to a Better Driveway

  1. How to remove a driveway bannerUsing pebbles mixed into the concrete is one way to dress up your driveway. This type of aggregate concrete driveway has been used for years now and pavers have been perfecting their unique styles. There can be myriad ways and colour combinations to use. Choose your own decorative design and lay them out in your driveway.
  2. Grouting is another decorative and innovative way of changing your driveway’s appearance. It gives a 3D effect to your driveways and can be used with different colours.
  3. Texturing is another way of adding beauty to an otherwise drab driveway. Concrete layers can use many different textures and colours that you choose making your driveway seem as if it were made out of an entirely different material.
  4. Stencilling is another excellent way to make beautiful patterns on your old driveway. By using a concrete spray coating, you can apply single or multiple colours. There are hundreds of stencils to choose from – basket weave pattern, checker plate pattern or herringbone pattern. What do you fancy?
  5. The last method is a mix and match combinations of all these effects. You may use multi-colour and multi-texture styles with stone slabs or coloured pebbles! The possibilities are endless!

Your design defines you

Contractors ripping up an old drivewayA decorative concrete “artist” can put your driveway designs into reality. You can be your own creative designer because there is no limit to what you can do on your concrete canvas. Do you want to recreate a Van Gogh in your driveway? Why not? With these 5 design methods, it won’t be so expensive.

So whether you’re starting with a bare dirt driveway, getting a new one or just wanting to spice up the existing one, it is a good idea to hire a concrete removal contractor now to get it prepped and ready for some serious dressing up. Consider these driveway suggestions now and start creating your own stylish driveways. Your neighbours will be drooling from afar.